Let's not throw beer on opposing NFL players

Let's not throw beer on opposing NFL players

I think there are some universal truths in this world. One of those is that throwing a beer at someone is a sign of disrespect. Sure, you can pour one on someone while celebrating a playoff win in sports, but simply splashing someone with it isn't a good thing at all.

That's all that the incident that happened during the Patriots-Chiefs game should boil down to--not the other factors. The fan, a 21-year-old from Mansfield, was in the wrong when he threw a beer at Chiefs running back Tyreek Hill.



Gillette Stadium publicly banned him from attending future events at their venue. That's their choice (because it's their life). That's pretty much the extent of the situation. But let's break it down further. Here's some more thoughts.

Buying beer at a sporting event is a complete scam. You can get an 18-pack of PBR on the outside for the same price one Bud Light runs at a sports venue. Bud Light is fermented rice water. It's not even real beer. Ripoff.

Wasting beer is a sin. Whether or not you're a big church goer doesn't matter here. Someone else would've gladly drank the rest of that beer. Beer costs a lot of money there.

Tyreek Hill is also kind of a moron. He shouldn't have gone up to the Patriots fans and started taunting them. It's a pretty immature thing to do. Those people pay the salaries of NFL players and he should understand it.

Hill has also pled guilty to domestic violence in the past. He shouldn't be in the league in the first place, one could argue. For that, he deserves our condemnation--but let's keep it legal, folks.

When you go to Gillette Stadium, have fun, but don't do whatever this Mansfield guy did. Don't give in to the mob mentality of the stadium.

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