Let's not panic about the Tuesday Bruins game

Let's not panic about the Tuesday Bruins game

It's time to PANIC!!!!

Oh no! It's all over!

Nah, of course not. The Boston Bruins are having a great season. However, we did learn a valuable lesson on Tuesday in their 5-4 loss to the Florida Panthers.

The game really looked like an easy win for the Bruins. They led 4-0 at the end of the first period. No. They did not win. I already said they lost. They friggin blew it. That's not good. It was a huge missed opportunity to keep on climbing in the standings. Alright, maybe it was not a huge chance, but you know what we mean...

It showed you that hockey games are rarely safe. What did you think the chances of the Bruins losing that game after the first period were? On paper, they were probably close to zero -- but it happened nonetheless. As we know, the New England Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit in a Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons, so big comebacks happen. Yes, I mentioned that because four touchdowns is 24 points (then add on some XPs and 2-point conversions and you're going above 25, in all likelihood).

Some people are using the game as an excuse to attack Tuukka Rask but you know what? Win and lose as a team or whatever they say. It was not his best stuff, that's for sure.

Let's not forget, the Bruins lost their first game of the regular season last year by a score of like 8-0. How'd that season go for them? They were a game away from winning the Stanley Cup...

So yeah, let's allow the Bruins to have one bad game and just say it's better the bad game happened earlier on rather than later in the season. That's always going to be the rule on this from here on out.

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