Let's check in some of our former Patriots QBs kicking around

Let's check in some of our former Patriots QBs kicking around

The New England Patriots made the playoffs this season. That’s no surprise. They had a good season. That means they don’t get to play this week, however, because they have a first round bye. Since there’s some time off where the Patriots aren’t gonna be doing much other than going to practice, let’s check in on how some ex-Patriots quarterbacks performed this season.

Matt Cassel -- Cassel served as the Titans backup quarterback this season and made one start. He lost that game and on the season, he completed 25 of his 42 passes for 162 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. He’s 35 years old now, so his career is winding down.

Jacoby Brissett -- Andrew Luck got hurt and missed the entire season for the Indianapolis Colts. This gave Brissett a chance to shine. He looked much improved from last season as he completed 58.8 percent of his pass attempts for 3098 yards, 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Brissett went 4-11 as a starter, got sacked 52 times and posted a 37.9 QBR. Obviously, that’s not a great year, but he’s still young. He’s still getting better. But it was a start--and he proved serviceable as a fill-in.

Jimmy Garoppolo -- Mr. GQ did just how you would’ve thought: amazing. The San Francisco 49ers went 1-9 before he was a starter. With him under center, they went 5-0. He posted a 67.4 percent completion percentage while throwing seven touchdowns and five interceptions. Oh, and he posted a 78.2 QBR which was better than Tom Brady (just saying).

Ryan Mallett -- Mallett is the Ravens backup quarterback. He’s been in the league seven years and backup QB appears to be his ceiling. But man, what a life that must be: he’s in the 1 percent tax bracket and he doesn’t even have to get hit. He played twice this season and threw a pair of touchdowns in garbage time.

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