Kyrie Irving won't play against the C's on Friday

Kyrie Irving won't play against the C's on Friday

We've got him on the ropes! He's chicken! He refuses to show his face in Boston! Aha!

That's right, we're talking about Kyrie Irving, who apparently injured his "shoulder" and can't play against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden in Boston this Friday night. Talk about a coincidence...

Let's be honest, a guy who is making millions of dollars, and is very good at his job, is way too scared to show his face in Boston. That's it. That's the only reason he's not playing. Heck, he's even willing to let his team lose a game because of his fake injury. After all, we know pro athletes never actually ever get hurt ever...

And that, of course, is some sarcasm. I get it. The Kyrie tenure did not go well for the Boston Celtics. He did not lead them to the promised land, as well all expected. Heck, it came across like he wasn't a very good teammate in Boston. He basically admitted as much before.

It's true he likely would have been booed had he played against the Celtics at the Garden. Sure. I'll give the haters the points there. But would it have been better if he stayed with the team instead? He's clearly good enough to play in the NBA somewhere -- and it's better he is playing against the Celtics than with them because they can use that money more efficiently elsewhere.

So yeah, feel however you want about Irving. I respect it if you like him, don't like him or are somewhere in the middle on him. The point is he'd probably like to go out there and try to beat them if he was healthy enough to play on Friday. That's it. That's all we're saying.

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