Klay Thompson to the Celtics? Scal says no

Sometimes, people like to dream up these trade scenarios that will bolster their team and make someone else’s team a lot worse. Typically though, GM’s don’t like to make those types of trades. And that’s how Boston Celtics legend turned analyst Brian Scalabrine feels about the chances of Klay Thompson coming to Boston.

So the rumor was a three-team deal where the Celtics would dump Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder to end up with Thompson. Yeah… About that…

According to the Boston Globe, here is a text Scal sent Danny Ainge on Wednesday.

“Hey guys wanted to clarify with you two. Read about trade rumors three days ago. People assume that because I talk to you guys and our relationship [that there is validity]. I just talked about the trade from a basketball standpoint. Sorry that I created this situation for both of you guys. I talk about rumors every day. This one seemed to catch fire for obvious reasons.”

So it sounds like people believe everything Scal says because he’s Scal. And even he admits he was just reading something he saw on a basketball site. It was more of an idea and not something the Celtics are actually doing right now.

That’s why the internet is dangerous. There is misinformation out there people need to beware of. Things can get blown out of proportion and sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish opinion and fact, because some people see their opinions and state their opinions as fact. Not good.

Bottom line is: if a trade seems too good to be true, it probably is. Thompson would be a huge addition to the Celtics which is exactly why it probably won’t happen. If the C’s could make that trade, don’t you think they would? It’s not even being discussed openly though.

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