Kevin Faulk taking his talent to LSU

Kevin Faulk taking his talent to LSU

One former New England Patriots player is using his skills in order to make other football players even better.

This is because former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk joined the LSU Tigers football staff this week, according to Sports Illustrated. Faulk will be the team's director of player development.

People around here might know Faulk as the Patriots third-down back but prior to that successful NFL career, he had quite the career at LSU. He spent four seasons with the teams and ran for nearly 4,500 yards and 46 touchdowns. When it was all said and done and over, he was only behind Herschel Walker on the Tigers all-time rushing yards leaders.

To answer your question: yes. He was coaching football before taking this job. He was an assistant coach at Carencro High School Lafayette, Georgia -- his hometown.
But let's be honest, we know him from his career in New England.

Faulk spent 13 seasons with the Patriots. He was a second-round draft pick in 1999 and an underrated player for a long time. He was a part of three Super Bowl victories and led the team in all-purpose yards (12,349 yards) and return yards (5,041). Plus, he was a pretty good special teams player.

Faulk is also eternally enshrined by the Patriots. He was named to their All-2000's team, 50th-anniversary team and he was inducted into the team's Hall of Fame back in 2016.
Faulk is not the only Patriots running back who coached high school football this past season either. Attleboro High School in Massachusetts has Sammy Morris as their running back coach and their special teams coach. There are probably others around the country too. I know former St. John's coach Brian St. Pierre played for the Carolina Panthers AND BC.

But yeah, good hire by LSU. Faulk seems like a good football mind.

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