Kendrick Perkins thought this guy was the Celtics best player

Kendrick Perkins thought this guy was the Celtics best player

Kendrick Perkins came up with a hot take that some Celtics fans might not like.

He went on “KG’s Area 21” and had some solid praise of his former teammate, Kevin Garnett. He went ahead and called Garnett the “best teammate he ever had”.

Oh, and he took it a step further, he said Garnett was the best player on the 2007-2008 Celtics. He put him in league with Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, saying he was top two or three players in the league.

Pretty much, he seemed to have a positive impression of his time with the Celtics and liked Kevin Garnett a lot. That makes sense though: the two big men in the starting five got along. Why wouldn’t they? Perkins wasn’t the strong personality that Ray Allen or Rajon Rondo was, so he was probably likable among the guys. And he wasn’t a bad player.

Let’s analyze this. The Celtics wouldn’t have won a championship in 2008 if it weren’t for Garnett, but the same could be said for Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and probably Rajon Rondo. That was a really good team effort that year where the “Big 3” had to sacrifice in terms of their own personal stats for the greater good of the team. It worked out well for them.

Still think a lot of Celtics fans would disagree with Perkins assessment. I feel like a lot of them would say Paul Pierce was the best player on the team. Maybe that’s just the hometown bias or the bias of thinking that the small forward is supposed to be the best player on the team (or at least score the most points) like a LeBron James or Michael Jordan, but yeah. It’s a healthy debate and it’s interesting to get Perkins’ honest assessment of the situation.

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