Just tune out the stupid Patriots takes

Just tune out the stupid Patriots takes

It’s kind of Christmastime, yes. But it’s also another time of the year.

We’re at the point where the New England Patriots doubters start reaching. That’s right. We’re at the point where the Patriots have at least 10 wins every year by now, so people need to start doubting them in other ways.

If the Patriots lose in the first week of the season, it’s always: does this spell the end for Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the Hardy Boys? Uh. No. It’s not.

But once you get closer to the postseason, a lot of the crooked media starts talking about all the teams who could beat the Patriots in the playoffs, who they are and what they need to do to beat the Patriots. Gee, thanks, coach. If these people REALLY knew how to beat the Patriots, they wouldn’t be crafting up a scathing blog in their mom’s basement now, would they?

Obviously, there’s reasons to doubt Nate Silver and the gang’s predictions at 538, but he seems to have the Patriots favored to win the Super Bowl this year–with a 27 percent chance of pulling it off. There’s also teams on the list who have more than a 10 percent chance of winning like the Philadelphia Eagles (Carson Wentz is hurt), Pittsburgh Steelers (who the Patriots just beat) and the Minnesota Vikings (who has never won a Super Bowl).

Let’s put it this way: the Patriots are the only team who has over a 20 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl in that poll. But if you don’t trust that poll (I don’t blame you), but know this: the Patriots have made it to each of the last six AFC Championship games. In theory, that gives them at least a 25 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl, because you can count on them making it to the Super Bowl once again.

The other thing to address too is the story about the beef between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s nutrition guy. Total non-story in my opinion. If Tom Brady wants to sell snake oil on his own time, let him. What matters for the Patriots is him under center winning football games.

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