Julian Edelman gets apology letter from former college teacher

Some people will doubt the best. Some people will be wrong.

Julian Edelman was somewhat of an underdog in his pre-NFL days. He was a quarterback at Kent State, who has a dreadful football program. Even so, he dreamed of making it to the NFL and one of his college teachers  doubted him. But then, the professor reached out to him via letter and apologized to him.

OK then… Hmm…

For starters, this just goes to show how some football players are overlooked. I’m sure he was only a quarterback in high school because he was an incredible athlete and that got him D1 notice. He made the right move moving to wide receiver though and he’s had a great career for the Pats at it. But hey, this proves some people have no sense of scouting talent, especially when they probably don’t watch the NFL.

Second, why even value the opinion of this letter writer? I didn’t like some of the college professors I had because they seemed like they had an agenda they were trying to push–and they didn’t value athletics. I’m sure there’s some great ones out there, but uh… yeah… Some people get it, some people don’t. That’s just the way it is these days.

The dude is a 2-time Super Bowl champ and one of the top receivers in the game. Whoever doubted him should feel silly, but it’s a little late to apologize. He’s a millionaire playing the sport he loves. Asking for his forgiveness is just a cry for attention now.

Here’s the main takeaway: if Edelman didn’t make it in the league and was a marketing consultant instead, he wouldn’t have gotten the apology letter even though it would have been just as equally warranted. Pretty much: shoot for the stars, young ones and pay no attention to the hatuhz.

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