Josh Gordon to the Patriots = genius

Josh Gordon to the Patriots = genius

The New England Patriots are doing exactly what they need to do to come out with a Super Bowl ring this season.

Yeah, it’s early. Yeah, they lost one game. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. But, they mad just about the best move they could have made to bolster their wide receiver corps, so that’s a good thing.

That’s right: the Josh Gordon trade was a pure stroke of genius. A fifth rounder in exchange for a guy as capable as Gordon? That’s a steal.

Sure, it’s not 2013 (the year Gordon had 1646 receiving yards in 14 games for the Browns), but one has to assume the guy has something left in the tank. He was respectable last season for the Browns when he finally came back: he made 18 grabs for 335 yards and one touchdown over the course of five games. This year, however, the Browns ran out of patience with him, for one reason or another.

Seriously though, they’re not going to win the Super Bowl, so they might as well sell off all of their assets. This one is just a tad confusing because of Gordon’s ceiling. He could be something special in New England if Bill Belichick and the crew can straighten him out. It’s the kind of low-risk high-reward trade that was absolutely worth making--even if it ends up falling flat. Just imagine Tom Brady having Gordon, Julian Edelman AND Rob Gronkowski as targets. That has potential to be a three-headed monster right there. Not to mention the dynamic duo between Gordon and Corey Coleman. Just kidding, he’s gone already but speaking of bums, Cyrus Jones is back on the team, so that’s something.

So yeah, other teams in the NFL need to watch out now. Gordon could play on Sunday and in a few weeks, Edelman will be back from his suspension. Exciting stuff (as long as Cyrus Jones ain’t returning kicks).

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