John Farrell could be a broadcaster soon

John Farrell could be a broadcaster soon

This has been a pretty lousy offseason to be a Boston Red Sox fan (so far).

The Yankees got the NL MVP from last season, Giancarlo Stanton and the day he was introduced, the Red Sox announced their new beer sponsor (not naming any names without them giving me money for name dropping). But yeah, that means the price of beer is probably gonna be like $35 per cup at Fenway next year. That said, there was an interesting Red Sox related development, however.

Boom! Yeah. So John Farrell probably isn’t going to be an MLB manager again anytime soon. I really haven’t heard anything about that possibility, so now he’s trying to reinvent himself–as a broadcaster.

Like the dude from the Tweet says, this agency is good at getting people jobs. So does that really mean that John Farrell could be a color commentator or analyst? It’s an interesting thought.

I thought we were under the impression that Farrell’s worst characteristic was his communication skills. This is the guy who said “I thought he had his best stuff all season” about David Price after he got rocked–and Price admitted he felt awful with his stuff.

There was also the time he said Drew Pomeranz had a lot of Christmas on his pitches.

Who knows though? Bobby V wasn’t a bad ESPN employee. Very interested to see how this one goes down. Farrell is obviously pretty qualified for such a position (former MLB pitcher, pitching coach and manager), the biggest question, however, would be execution.

What’s interesting too if Farrell has a son in the big leagues now too and yet, he wants to be involved with another MLB team and not go full LaVar Ball and obsess over his kid’s career. Interesting for sure–and honestly, Farrell should get some points for not acting like Mr. Ball.

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