Jason McCourty brutally honest about defensive performance

Jason McCourty brutally honest about defensive performance

When someone talks about honesty before they say something, that's how you know something real is coming. That's what was so good about Jason McCourty's assessment of the New England Patriots defense on Sunday.

McCourty, as you may know, is twins with Devin and a new member of the team this season. Still, that does not stop him from speaking his mind--especially with the way the Patriots defense played against the Tennessee Titans.

“We sucked in the last game,” he told USA Today affiliate Patriots Wire on Wednesday. “I don’t think we look at it as we gave up 17 points to Aaron Rodgers and now we gave up this. It doesn’t matter if it was the reverse. It’s just doing it on a game-by-game basis, so it’s the same thing that we say every week. Getting in there and correcting the same mistakes.”

When asked about his team's inability to defend the Titans during situations where they were behind schedule, McCourty said, “It’s very frustrating. “Going back, I think the coaches have probably done that — what calls have we done well and what calls have we done bad. The calls that we have done bad, showing us that and showing us why.”

It wasn't a pretty game to watch, but doesn't it at least make you feel better that a player is brutally honest in his assessment of what is going on? It's clear McCourty does not want to let this happen again and from what we know about the Patriots, it probably won't happen again.

This team is 7-3 this year for a reason; they're always a good football team. They've had their share of setbacks in past years but you know what? They usually seem to bounce back which is why they're working on the most dominant run of any NFL team ever with all that they've done this century.

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