Jaroslav Halak was a good addition for the Bruins

Jaroslav Halak was a good addition for the Bruins

The Boston Bruins have themselves a new backup goaltender and while such a move might not excite the masses, you should probably be pretty happy about it, just saying.

That's because the Bruins added Jaroslav Halak to the mix last week, signing him to a deal where he is set to make just under $3 million per year for two years. If you remember what he has done in the past, then you'll probably be excited about him. If not, then let us tell you more about him.

The Bruins got the southpaw coming off a down year where he was the New York Islanders starting goaltender. He went 20-26-6 with a .908 save percentage and 3.19 goals allowed per game. Now, that does not sound very good but remember, the Islanders defense was among the worst in the league, so he was getting virtually no help back there. The save percentage--which isn't bad--kind of indicates it.

One must also consider the fact that not long ago, he was kind of a star goaltender. During the 2011-2012 season, he allowed just 1.97 goals per contest as a member of the St. Louis Blues. Now, obviously, no one should be expecting this level of production from him this time around, but he has surrendered--on average--2.50 goals per game over the course of his career. So yeah, he has potential to be a really solid backup goaltender for the B's this season.

If he did not, then the Bruins would not have let Anton Khudobin walk. That guy had a really good season for the B's (16-6-7, 2.56 GAA). The Dallas Stars are pretty lucky to have him...

So yeah, out goes one goaltender and in comes another. It's good to have another proven veteran back there in case anything happens to the starter. Not a bad move at all.

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