Jaroslav Halak plays in 500th game

Jaroslav Halak plays in 500th game

What a career it has been for the backup goalie of the Boston Bruins so far. I get that he is still going strong, but it is certainly worth recognizing his achievements to date as well.

This week, the team did just that for the one and only Jaroslav Halak.

Prior to their game Tuesday, in which Halak got the start, they played basically a video tribute to him and he got a positive reaction from the fans -- which should not come as a surprise because he is a solid goaltender. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise...

Halak is having what the French would call a good season. He owns a .934 save percentage and has allowed just 2.14 goals per contest. Is 11 games played kind of a small sample size? Of course. There's always gonna be that one bad game at some point in the middle of the season that really throws things out of wack, but this has yet to happen. In other words, Halak is showing once again that he is a solid player.

Oh yeah, and in case you missed it, Halak pitched a shutout in his 500th career game. Yes, I know he's not actually a pitcher, but Halak made 24 stops on 24 opportunities, so the Bruins won that game 2-0. Also, shoutout to the defense in that game because Halak did not face a ton of shots by NHL standards. Not bad.

The Bruins are lucky to have him in addition to Tuukka Rask. They have two of the better goalies in the league which allows the Bruins to give Rask a little more rest -- which is surely a good thing, right?

So yeah, this season is going well for Halak and the fans like him. That's what it is all about, right? Right.

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