Jae Crowder doesn't get Boston sports fans

Jae Crowder doesn't get Boston sports fans

The Cleveland Cavaliers returned to TD Garden this week to take on the Boston Celtics and while it was a given that fans would be happy to see Isaiah Thomas, another former Celtics player decided beforehand that Celtics fans had to be nice to him

That man, of course, was Jae Crowder. He told the Boston Globe that he was expecting a warm reception because he “gave them a lot”. He then went on to say he was hoping he’d get a cheer.

Well, that’s good for him I guess. He was a pretty good player for the Celtics, but on this earth there is a little thing called free will. Everyone has it. They can make that choice themselves.

Let’s be honest: intentional or not, Crowder broke Gordon Hayward’s leg.


He also plays for a rival team now. Being without Hayward has cost the Celtics a little (although they are having a great season), but it remains to be seen how he does when he returns since he’s been out three months now.

Plus, it’s not like Crowder was some mega hero for the Celtics. He didn’t win any championships in Boston. He doesn’t have a great shot as far as power forwards go. He should just be happy that he can pay his bills playing basketball and has been in the starting five for some pretty good teams these past few seasons.

But then again, you know how Boston sports fans are. Johnny Damon was one hell of a player in Boston but he signed with the Yankees and then this happened.


It’s also a bad question from the reporter who asked Crowder about the potential response. It has nothing to do with basketball and all said person wanted was a sound byte to make a story out of nothing. When that stuff comes up, everyone just needs to pull a Bill Belichick and then maybe walk away.

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