Jacoby Brissett deserves a chance to start

John Lennon wanted to give peace a chance. Well, maybe the New England Patriots should give Jacoby Brissett to a chance first.

A chance on what? Raffle tickets? No. To be their starting quarterback. Well, no. Not really their starting quarterback. Second string quarterback is probably a better term. So in other words, he deserves a look to be the guy who starts the first four games of the season — before Tom Brady comes back. Yeah, that’s it.

Why? Wasn’t this Jimmy Garoppolo guy supposed to start the first four weeks of this season? Yes. Yes he was. But Craig Hansen was supposed to be the next Mariano Rivera, so expectation isn’t reality.

But Garoppolo was a second round pick in recent years and has been decent in the scrimmages. Well, Brissett was a third round pick in this year’s NFL draft and he was better than Garoppolo last game.

Brissett went a perfect nine-for-nine passing while Jimmy G went nine-for-15.  But, by that same logic, the Patriots should just throw Brady in a dumpster because he only completed three of his nine passes. So box-score scrimmage scouting isn’t the best way to make these kinds of decisions.

No, there was no immediate change the QB situation based off Brissett’s good game. But, it does look as though he will receive more first-team reps in practice.

The truth is: this team looks good even if the quarterback situation is unclear. Garoppolo and Brissett don’t seem like guys who would particularly struggle and the rest of the team is pretty great, so there’s that.

Regardless, it makes the Patriots future quarterbacking situation interesting. Jimmy G looked to be Tom Brady’s heir. Who knows? Maybe it’s Brissett. Maybe it’s G. And maybe, just maybe, that’s all I have for you folks today.


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