It’s time to cut Pablo Sandoval

Just admit this was a really bad idea from the jump and move on.

The Red Sox window on Pablo Sandoval’s rehab assignment is slowly but surely coming. When a player goes on a Triple-A rehab assignment, a team has 20 days to decide what they will do with that player and the fact that the Red Sox weren’t excited to bring Sandoval back up after his “each ache” that landed him on the disabled list should tell you what they think of him. It is something the team is discussing internally and we will know the answer for sure by Monday.

Seriously. This is not the type of issue that would linger for a ballplayer. He’s in Triple-A right now for one simple reason: they don’t want him on the major league club. They’re doing fine with Tzu-Wei Lin and Deven Marrero at third base. Plus, Brock Holt could be coming back soon from his vertigo. Not sure if he will but if he did, it would bolster what they have at third base.

On Thursday, the Red Sox released Jhonny Peralta from Triple-A. He and Pablo Sandoval were splitting time at third base and DH down there and despite Peralta not being a financial burden, the team realized they didn’t need him and that they’d rather have an open 3B spot in Triple-A. They probably did it so they could put Rafael Devers in Pawtucket real soon because he’s batting .300 with a .944 OPS in 77 games in AA this year.

What’s that have to do with Pablo? It shows they don’t need washed up veterans in their system to win ballgames.

And if they feel bad about a salary dump that releases Sandoval, they could always DFA him and keep him in Pawtucket as a part-time DH against righties when no one claims him because let’s be honest, no one will claim him. That’s something he could still probably do adequately too…

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