In Malcolm Butler’s case, why not play to win?

Winning is fun.

Nothing beats winning. And yet, for some reason, so many are concerned with the New England Patriots could get in exchange for restricted free agent Malcolm Butler. Well, you know what? It’s not the 11th overall pick from the New Orleans Saints. That’s out of the picture. Instead of worrying about picks and everything, why not turn the attention to what really matters? Winning another Super Bowl.

Butler already has two Super Bowl rings in three NFL seasons. Not bad for an undrafted free agent who barely made the squad in his first go-around, and let up a huge catch to the Seattle Seahawks that put them in the red zone in Super Bowl 49.

You have to wonder if they just ran the ball when they had the chance, or if Russell Wilson didn’t throw that ball where he did, then Butler might not even be property of the Patriots anymore…

The Patriots seem committed to keeping Butler and seriously, why wouldn’t they be? Aren’t they trying to win football games? The guy is a Pro Bowl corner. Five years ago, the secondary was the reason why it looked like the Patriots would never win a Super Bowl ever again. Seriously, that was a frustrating decade of making it to the playoffs just about every year and not actually winning a Super Bowl. Ugh…

It makes sense though: Butler might not be around after next year. That’s unfortunate if they don’t choose to pay him. But Butler is proven and a Super Bowl hero. Wouldn’t make much sense to let him go if they’re trying to have the best team possible this upcoming season and he’s locked in at $3.91 million. Not too bad.

Keep those rings pouring in and do whatever it takes to keep them coming.

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