Try Skijouring With Your Dog In MA's Corner Of The Green Mountains

Try Skijouring With Your Dog In MA's Corner Of The Green Mountains

When you think of winter fun, sledding and skiing probably come to mind. While these activities certainly have their place, there's one important element missing: you can't include your dog! Well, with the exception of this pup!

If you prefer to have your pooch by your side while enjoying a New England winter, skijoring is for you! It's a bit like dog sledding without the sled. The human simply straps on skis and is pulled along by a dog - or dogs.  

It is a fabulous way to stay fit during those brutally cold months, and you can give it a try at Notchview, a beautiful property tucked away in an area of the Green Mountains that extends over the Vermont border into Western Massachusetts.

Notchview offers more than 3,000 acres of terrain, including an entire trail system groomed specifically for skijoring!

With much of the reservation above 2,000 feet, Notchview enjoys more than 80 days of natural snow on its trails each year.

The fields and forests of Notchview are home to deer, moose, snowshoe hare, and several bird species like chickadees, barred owls, and pileated woodpeckers you may catch a glimpse of in the winter.

Your dog will adore the time he or she spends with you exercising, tracking wildlife, and simply enjoying the pure, fresh air!

Native Americans adopted the Scandinavian method of dog sledding to develop what we now know as skijoring. Bulky sleds led by packs of dogs were slow and impractical.

With just one or two dogs to pull a far smaller sled, the load was drastically lightened. This method included packing only necessary cargo in the sled itself and using one's own strength to help propel it along. There are no leisurely rides in skijoring!

Horses were also used in traditional skijoring to deliver mail and check hunting snares.

While it is now mostly just for fun, skijoring is yet another example of why dogs became man's best friend!

Learn more about skijoring at Notchview reservation.

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