HOF results a positive sign for Curt Schilling

HOF results a positive sign for Curt Schilling

It's OK everybody, I have figured it out.

Curt Schilling is going to be voted into the Hall of Fame at some point over the next three years. That is a prediction. You can take it to the bank, as the kids would say. Feeling pretty confident about this, unless some unforeseen circumstances occur but even then, it looks like his chances are pretty good.

Let's ignore the politics stuff and just look at it pragmatically. Schilling got 60.9 percent of the vote this time around. No pitcher in MLB history who has received that much of the vote did not get inducted into the Hall of Fame at some point. Gil Hodges, a position player, is the only player to get above 60 percent of the vote on a ballot in a given year and not be inducted, but he was also on some pretty stacked ballots and was on the ballot for 15 years whereas Schilling will only be on it for 10 (and this was his 7th year on it).

Also, keep in mind, the next two years are going to be some super weak Hall of Fame ballots. We saw four guys get in this year and Derek Jeter is the only Hall of Fame worthy newcomer to the 2020 ballot. And who that is Hall of Fame worthy will be new to the 2021 ballot? Uhh… Nobody. Exactly.

Presumably, there are some people who could come around on Schilling, who may have kept him off their ballots for baseball reasons in the past, or maybe they think they should base their ballots on baseball and his career and not how they feel about things he has said or done on the internet.

So yeah, it really does look like he'll get in at some point soon which is great to see. The more Red Sox players, the better.

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