Have Breakfast With A Sloth At The Franklin Park Zoo

Have Breakfast With A Sloth At The Franklin Park Zoo

Sloths are just plain awesome. They are the sleepy, laid-back spirit animals we love to love. If you adore the world's slowest mammal, head to the Franklin Park Zoo on February 17 or March 2 for a uniquely amazing experience!


Guests of this special breakfast event will have the opportunity to dine with a real two-toed sloth! 

"Breakfast With The Sloth" will feature an educational presentation from the sloth carers as well as a delicious continental breakfast. Did you know that sloths have only one fourth of the muscle tissue of similar animals?

Registrants will receive early entry into the zoo to watch a sloth - maybe even Animal Ambassador Molasses - enjoy his own morning meal. While guests cannot actually hold or touch him, they will be afforded a more up-close-and-personal view than any other zoo visitor.

The Franklin Park Zoo also offers a behind-the-scenes-tour for up to four guests where you’ll get to follow the keepers that look after Molasses and the rest of the family every day.

After breakfast, stay at the zoo to take in some of the other amazing animals and insects. There is a giraffe savannah and lion area, as well as a tropical forest with a tiger exhibit and gorilla encampment!

And don't forget to walk through the Butterfly Hollow for a colorful experience!

The “Breakfast With The Sloth” event is $20 per person for zoo members and $25 for non-members. Children under two attend for free! 

Click here to book your tickets! 


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