Haunted New England Part 1: The Most Sinister Spots In Maine

It’s about 6 weeks until Halloween and there are 6 states in New England. Coincidence? I think not! Check back each week as I present you with the most terrifying, blood-curdling, bone-chilling haunted locales each state has to offer.

This week we explore Maine’s 6 creepiest ghoul-infested locales.

1. “The Green Bridge”

If you’re heading down Route 11 in Millinocket, watch out for the White Lady. Legend has it that before she came to haunt the bridge, the White Lady died in a car accident along with her husband sometime in the 1950’s or 60’s. From that evening on, passersby have reported seeing her wandering along the bridge in search of her lost love.

2. Fort William Henry

With Maine’s history dating back to Colonial times, it’s no wonder that a few unruly spirits from that era still haunt its soil. The Revolution-era Fort still stands near New Harbor and visitors report seeing an unsettling white orb hovering around its entrance.

In 1696 Native American chief Taukolexis was hanged from a nearby tree. According to legend, his vengeful spirit still inhabits the tree and searches for the men who took his life.

3. Captain Lord Mansion

This gorgeous Kennebunkport Bed & Breakfast is a popular destination for tourists. Captain Nathaniel Lord built the magnificent home back in 1812, but died before he could ever move in. His family remained in the mansion until 1972.

Since its relaunch as a B & B, guests have reported seeing a woman in a nightgown drifting through the Wisteria Room and down the elegant spiral staircase at night. She is believed to be Captain Lord’s widow, and she doesn’t seem to appreciate sharing her home with strangers.

4. Beckett’s Castle

10 years after the poet Sylvester Beckett built his Gothic stone mansion in Cape Elizabeth, he passed away there. Future inhabitants of the castle have reported a spooky blue orb hovering menacingly around them. Others claim to have had their bed sheets torn right off in the middle of the night.

5. Strand Cinema

This 1929 movie house was a peaceful place until an apartment was added to the building in 1978. Horrified workers on the project witnessed unplugged power tools roar to life while others flew about violently. Over the years, hand prints have appeared on the screens, paint has been splattered on freshly re-done walls, and a shadowy figure has angrily thrown objects into the sets. The identity of the vengeful spirit is unknown.

6. Captain Fairfield Inn

James Fairfield and his wife were given their stately Kennebunkport home as a wedding present from Fairfield’s father in-law. Fairfield tragically passed away from pneumonia 5 years later, and the residence changed hands several times without incident.

After it was converted into a Bed & Breakfast in 1991, Captain Fairfield made his reappearance. Visitors report seeing a friendly, welcoming apparition. Unlike Captain Lord’s widow, Fairfield’s ghost is cordial and delighted to see his home once again full of guests and brimming with life.




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