Good fit or not, Red Sox looking at Pedro Alvarez

You know this by now but offseason baseball is not fun.

First of all, there’s no actual games and then on top of that, everyone who has a Twitter account and blogs or even just has strong opinions can be misidentified as an expert, start rumors and all that. All that aside, the Red Sox DH probably won’t be someone who you originally thought was on their radar.

But here’s a thought that some people have been talking about recently: Pedro Alvarez to the Red Sox as their DH. I mean, Jon Heyman was the one to suggest it, so there’s got to be some reason to believe it. He’s a trustworthy guy — and the deal would kind of make sense.

He’s averaged 27 homers per year over the past five years. He hit 22 long bombs in 109 games last year and posted an .826 OPS.

There’s also about a 200 point difference in his career splits — it’s like .800 against righties and about .600 against lefties. So yeah, platoon guy, which means he’s worth less — which means the Sox could platoon DH into some more production with him as the primary piece.  Cheaper to do it that way. He’s a pretty terrible fielder though, but he has experience at both corner infield spots. So he would fill a void for the Sox, but he just wouldn’t be a versatile piece.

The Sox might need another right-handed bat to make this one feasible. Sure, Chris Young could DH against lefties, but it wouldn’t give Hanley many opportunities to DH, plus one has to wonder if Andrew Benintendi can do a full season out in left that includes hitting lefties.  If he’s anything like the Michael Conforto comp scouts gave him, then the answer is no.

Keep looking. Just don’t think they belong together, like that song…



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