Go Green and Plant a tree at Boston

Living a green lifestyle or going green are phrases that are becoming more and more common as people start to recognize the enormity of the environmental challenges we all face. Want to do your part and support a sustainable lifestyle? Go green and plant a tree at Boston.

Researchers estimated that Boston has roughly 28% of its land area covered by trees, significantly less than other urban areas in the state and nation. On average urban areas in Massachusetts have about 65% of their land covered by trees and nationally the figure is 35%.

Planting a tree is a small step towards a large effort. A tree is a step towards improving the air quality at Boston so everyone can breathe better and stay cool. Trees reduce air pollution, air temperature, air quality, UV radiation, energy use in some cases and have many more benefits. So the more trees, the merrier.

There are plenty of ways to embrace a green lifestyle. But, at Boston, you can also start by planting trees. You can request a tree plantation! Before you get excited there are a few things to consider:

  1. Find land: Find land in your area following the City of Boston plantation guidelines.
  2. Get permission to plant: This can be the leader of an organization, the owners of the land, the land maintenance team and/or a potential partner.
  3. Test your Soil: If the site has no lead, low lead or medium lead, you are all set to plant a tree.
  4. Tree delivery: Ask the tree company for an estimated arrival time. Try to time your planting date for as soon as possible after the trees will arrive.
  5. Care: The first year after planting is critical for new trees. Do not allow the roots to dry out. Keep roots wet and moist in a cool dry place. Ensuring it has water, light, nutrients and protection will help it survive.
  6. Water: Trees require regular watering. During the dry season, trees require more water to flourish.

So, what are you waiting for? Go green and plant a tree at Boston! Go to the City of Boston plantation guidelines on how to request a new tree planting and contribute towards a greener tomorrow.

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