Get A Dose Of Nostalgia At The Boston Area's Oldest Country Store

Get A Dose Of Nostalgia At The Boston Area's Oldest Country Store

A visit to the Wayside Country Store in Marlborough, Massachusetts will take you 30 miles outside the city and centuries into the past. Built in 1790, it is one of the oldest remaining country stores in all of New England with a rich and storied history and a devotion to preserving the past.

Country stores were often located in buildings that once served as schoolhouses or post offices, but Wayside was constructed for the soul purpose of serving as the town general store. Strangely enough, that town was originally Sudbury!

In 1928, the shop was purchased by the famous Henry Ford. The iconic auto man had Wayside Country Store taken apart piece by piece and delivered to 1015 Boston Post Road in Marlborough by oxen!

 While you can find just about anything from books to home goods, novelties and souvenirs, Wayside really shines in the candy department.

Their Old Tyme Candy Shoppe features a massive selection of nostalgic treats and modern goodies presented in classic glass jars.

Choose from forgotten favorites like Root Beer Barrells, Mary Janes, Candy Dots, Licorice Whips and even controversial Candy Cigarettes!

Chocoholics will be drawn to the homemade fudge counter where Wayside has served freshly made, award-winning Winfrey’s Fudge and Chocolates since 1979.

Once you stock up on sweet treats, head over to the grocery section for authentic New England maple products, barrel brined pickles, and old-fashioned molasses puffs.

No country store would be complete without a selection of natural potions and remedies. Invest in a bar of poison ivy soap in time for summer and a bottle of an old Amish recipe promising to cure leg and foot cramps in "about a minute."

Wayside Country Store also features a large selection of nostalgic collectibles like Byers Choice Christmas figurines, Blue Birds of Happiness and Ginger Cottages.

 For a delicious and delightful trip back in time, take the family on a scenic Sunday drive to Wayside Country Store!


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