Explore-Worthy Secret Garden Spots around Boston

Boston is a great city to be in. This concrete leviathan has lots of attractions, owing to its rich history (it’s one of the oldest cities in the whole of the United States) and ever-expanding dynamism. However, with its burgeoning population, Boston might feel a little congested at times. If want to break away from the crowds and the ultra-urban experience, know that you don’t have to step outside the city. There are several sites inside Boston itself that are pretty and peaceful; you may not have heard about them because rarely are they advertised, but they are perfect for a brief interlude from the rapidness and energy of the rest of the city. Here are some explore-worthy secret garden spots around Boston.

Independence Wharf

This building, located at 470 Atlantic Avenue, is mostly used for office space. But with its exquisite views of the harbor, it’s an excellent place to come once in a while for a break. There is an observation deck on the 14th floor, open to all from ten am to five pm each day, where you can go and enjoy the scenic view from this waterfront property. If you want a rest indoors, there is a big community room on the ground floor. You can sit down, have a meal, watch some TV, or browse the internet on the free WiFi.

Cambridge Center Roof Garden

Another lovely place from where you can observe the city is the roof garden at 4 Cambridge Center, Kendall Square. It really is a surprise that in the middle of a dense square is this peaceful green oasis, which is probably why there aren’t too many people up there. There are benches and tables here and there, and flowers and shrubbery all around for you to lose yourself in.

Custom House Observation Deck

Marriott’s Custom House is a looming skyscraper overlooking the harbor on 3 McKinley Square, Boston. On the 26th floor is a 360 degree observation deck with a splendid view of Boston. It is open from Monday to Thursday at 2 pm, and costs three dollars to access. But it might prove well worth your money, as everywhere you look you can see brilliant and beautiful sights from this 151 meter tall clock tower.

The Atrium on Merrimac Street

At 101 Merrimac Street, Boston, there is a building used as an office and medical centre. However, in the middle is a gorgeous atrium that will be just the respite your eyes and your senses need. This multi-level vertical garden is basically a trompe l’oleil jungle, replete with luxuriant flora and fauna and a huge water fountain. You may relax at the bakery and café chain Au Bon Pain while enjoying this picturesque delight.

The Healing Garden at Yawkey Centre

True to its name, the Healing Garden is a wonderful place to go and rest your senses. Located on the eight floor of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 55 Fruit Street, Boston, this is where patients usually go to immerse themselves in a calming natural setting, but is open for everyone. There are a lot of private corners you can find, and chairs to sit down on as you relax in the well-maintained garden or look at the breathtaking views ahead. You can also visit the enclosed conservatory, or leave encouraging notes for cancer patients in the guest book, or even read their stories on the Wall of Hope.

These are some excellent spots to escape the rush of the city in, and get some quiet quality time. These locations are the hidden treasures that can transform your Boston experience!

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