Experience The Breathtaking Beauty Of Mount Auburn Cemetery Year Round

It’s common knowledge that New England is gorgeous in the Fall. Our foliage is world renowned. Although our autumn views are unmatched, you’d be hard pressed to find a time of year that doesn’t compliment the art, sculpture, wildlife and landscaping of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA.

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The cemetery was built on 175 sprawling acres in 1831 to celebrate the dead and allow those who have lost a loved one to have a beautiful place to quietly reflect and remember.

More than 95,000 souls have been laid to rest at Mount Auburn, including writers, educators, reformers, artists, scientists and inventors. Perhaps the best known are Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and painter, Winslow Homer.

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There are more than 60,000 monuments, sculptures and unique pieces of art commemorating those who have passed over the last 180 years.

One of the most stunning pieces of art is the Bigelow Chapel.

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The Gothic-style chapel was built in the mid 1840’s and features soaring towers and intricate stained glass.

The enchanting Victorian garden that surrounds the chapel is lush and dripping with green in summer.


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Come fall, the ancient trees that surround the chapel and cemetery grounds erupt in glorious autumnal color.

When the snow falls it blankets the many peaks and architectural intricacies of the chapel, giving it a dream-like feel.

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And of course, spring reawakens the painstakingly chosen flora and fauna…

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Including the Japanese weeping pagoda trees that give off a medieval fairy tale vibe.

Japanese weeping pagoda tree.

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The quiet, serene and lushly planted cemetery grounds are a natural lure to Massachusetts wildlife. Birdwatchers find a treasure trove of species enjoying Mount Auburn at different times throughout the year.

The setting also draws frogs, turtles, snakes, small mammals and even coyotes.

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Aside from serving as one of Massachusetts’ most beautiful resting places, Mount Auburn also hosts happier events like weddings.

The Bigelow Chapel and the extravagant grounds provide the perfect setting for just about any wedding ceremony and reception a bride can dream up.


If you are lucky enough to live in New England year-round, be sure to pay a visit to this incredible historical cemetery during each of the four seasons.

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