Enjoy Upscale Snacks & Craft Beer At This New Boston Movie Theater

Enjoy Upscale Snacks & Craft Beer At This New Boston Movie Theater

 ArcLight Cinemas are based out of Los Angeles and their Hollywood location plays host to several premiers and celebrity events.

Earlier this month, Boston's very own ArcLight opened its doors at The Hub on Causeway promising 15 screens as well as upscale snacks and craft beer.

According to a press release, “every seat is the best seat in the house” with “ultra-plush comfort and extra-wide armrests” and 46 whole inches of legroom.

Reserve your seats before the show through in-theater kiosks or the ArcLight app, but make sure you get there on time. The theater is totally commercial-free, with just 5-7 minutes of trailers you actually want to see.

ArcLight’s biggest claim to fame is its upscale food and beverages. Those who arrive early enough (or choose to stay late) can visit the theater’s Café Bar, located in the main atrium. They serve beer, wine, liquor, and light fare such as paninis and pasta.

Each floor of the raised theater has its own concessions area for shorter lines and faster service. Here you can sample artisanal popcorn flavors designed by local area restaurants including the limited-edition, za’atar-spiced popcorn.

To reduce noise, popcorn is served in boxes instead of bags.

The concession stands serve beer, wine, and cocktails for you to enjoy during your film.

ArcLight also features “black box” auditoriums with 65-foot curved widescreens, and a dedicated theater for 70 mm films.

The seats are set at a slight angle to provide a perfect view of the screen no matter where you sit.

Tickets range in price from $12.75 for seniors to $15 for adults. Visit the ArcLight website to learn more or pre-purchase your tickets.

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