Enjoy The Opposite Of Culture At The World’s Only Museum Of Bad Art

Do you ever get tired of all the classic fine art, breathtaking ballets, and moving theater experiences in Boston? If so, the Museum of Bad Art is the place for you! Since its humble beginnings in the basement of a private residence, the gallery of all things god-awful has expanded to include three brick and mortar locations throughout the Boston area.

MOBA was founded in the fall of 1993 and presented its first show in March 1994. The total collection numbers about 600 pieces including portraits, landscapes, sculptures, and the just-plain-odd.

You saw the best now come see the rest. #art

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20 to 40 pieces at a time are displayed at MOBA’s three galleries located in Somerville, Brookline and South Weymouth.

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Each gallery offers free admission – because you simply cannot put a pricetag on art this bad!

"Sunday on the Pot with George" classic pointillist masterpiece from the MOBA collection

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The Somerville Gallery is located in the basement of the Somerville Theater and was founded in 2008. At MOBA Somerville, admission is free with the purchase of a movie or concert ticket or request a free museum pass from Info@MuseumOfBadArt.org.

Living up to its name.

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In 2010, a Brookline location was added on the top floor of the offices of Brookline Interactive Group. Viewing hours are Mon-Thurs: 8am to 8pm and Friday: 10am to 4pm. Unfortunately, this gallery is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Mother Nature

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The latest addition to MOBA’s mediocre media collection is a bit different. A special exhibit was created at the New England Wildlife Center in 2013. It spotlight works from the collection featuring wildlife – realistic and imaginary.

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The centerpiece of the wildlife exhibit is the cherished deer-turtle-coon-adillo.

Image Credit: Museum of Bad Art

For the true horrible art connoisseurs, MOBA offers free memberships! Member benefits include free exhibits, email newsletters, and exclusive invitations to all public and private Museum of Bad Art events.


Featured Image via Facebook/Museum of Bad Art

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