Home Alcohol Delivery Service Expands To Include Door-To-Door Marijuana

Home Alcohol Delivery Service Expands To Include Door-To-Door Marijuana

Drizly is a Boston-based business that specializes in delivering beer, wine, and liquor to consumers in less than 60 minutes, guaranteed.

Needless to say, the service, which also includes delivery of ice, mixers, and other alcohol-related accessories, has been thriving since the COVID-19 quarantine began, spiking 485%.

Now, the entrepreneurs behind Drizly are branching out into cannabis home delivery through their latest company, Lantern.

The service has the potential to boost retail marijuana sales at a difficult time in the dispensaries' progression.

To start, Lantern's marijuana deliveries will only be available to patients in the Boston area. They will eventually expand throughout the rest of the state with the hopes of continuing on beyond Massachusetts.

Currently, only medicinal users with state MMJ cards will be able to take advantage of Lantern's delivery services with products from Revolutionary Clinics, operator of medical marijuana dispensaries in Cambridge and Somerville.

As the business grows, Lantern will partner with more dispensaries around the state. They hope to get permission to include recreational marijuana deliveries later this year.

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