Drew Pomeranz thanks Red Sox org on Instagram

Drew Pomeranz thanks Red Sox org on Instagram

A true Red Sox legend showed his respect to the organization now that he is no longer a part of it.

Just kidding: it was Drew Pomeranz.

The lanky lefty signed with the San Francisco Giants earlier this offseason--which is a perfect fit because they are a relatively incompetent team. Anyways, the Red Sox had zero interest in re-signing him and he had success in the NL West in the past, so it kind of made some sense.

Forget that he went 2-6 with a 6.08 ERA in 26 big league outings last year. He's the dude who had a 3.32 ERA in 32 starts one season prior, so that's the potential they are buying.

But what really matters is he took to Instagram to thank the Red Sox for allowing him to be part of the team for the past three seasons.



This is all working out for the best for Pomeranz it seems. He got a World Series ring with the Red Sox--which is the thing every MLB player wants (or, at least, should want). There was not really a spot for him on the team this upcoming season but now, he has a shot at redemption on a team that is not going to be all that successful. Plus, he gets to be teammates with his boy Pablo Sandoval again.

Actually, we have no idea if they are friends or not, but they seem like the kinds of guys who might get along. You know, the ones who weren't the most beloved in Boston and are somewhere else now.

So yeah, here's to hoping Pomeranz can get his career back on track in San Francisco. He's not gonna be pitching against the Red Sox, so it's not like him doing well would hurt them at all. He's harmless now.

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