Drew Bledsoe makes EPIC appearance at Celtics game

Drew Bledsoe makes EPIC appearance at Celtics game

Is it great news that the Boston Celtics played a really good series against the Philadelphia 76ers in order to advance to the NBA Eastern Conference final? Yeah, it’s great. They showed up and took care of business against another very young and talented team. However…

What really should have stood out to you about game five is not what was happening on the court. Sure, it was a thrilling game, but Drew Bledsoe was in the building. That’s right: one-time Super Bowl champ Drew Bledsoe was at the game, rooting for the Celtics, sporting a jersey and his name trended in Boston on Twitter, so that’s even better.

I know I mentioned how Mitt Romney made an appearance at a Utah Jazz game and was taunting guys a couple weeks back, but this was maybe even more epic than that. Why? Because our old favorite QB was getting C’s fans pumped up.



In the fourth quarter, he also showed the world he was secretly wearing a Terry Rozier jersey, so that was cool.



Heck, the guy even did a post game press conference. That tells you how crazy it gets in the playoffs.

Maybe it would’ve been best to let Bledsoe live in peace but at the same time, he likely wanted the attention to promote his winery. After all, he said he wanted to name a wine “Terry Rosé”.

So pretty much Drew Bledsoe was there and the Celtics won. That’s great. The jinx, good charm, luck people aren’t how I think but at the same time, I’d like to see more Drew Bledsoe at Celtics games for the simple fact that I like Drew Bledsoe. If he can add slightly more entertainment value to what’s already going on, that’s just wonderful.

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