Don't Miss Chinatown’s August Moon Festival

Don't Miss Chinatown’s August Moon Festival

2018 marks the 49th annual Chinatown August Moon Festival, which will be held on Sunday, August 12, 2018 from 10AM – 5PM. 

The day-long event features cultural performances, Chinese calligraphy, arts and crafts, and various vendors of Chinese food and merchandise.

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The August Moon Festival is an important Chinese holiday, celebrating the annual harvest of rice and wheat on a night of the full moon. The lore dates back to 771 BCE.

The holiday is similar to American Thanksgiving with friends and family gathering to celebrate, give thanks, and pray for a prosperous future. 

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A traditional Chinese dessert known as a mooncake is served as a symbol of family unity. The round pastry is filled with lotus bean paste and an egg yolk (representing the moon).

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In addition to its cultural significance, the Festival attracts people of all backgrounds to Boston’s Chinatown, helping to educate the public on Chinese culture, such as lion dancing, Chinese opera, music, folk dance, and martial arts.

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Each year, this free event attracts thousands of spectators from the greater Boston area. The August Moon Festival was even voted 2018's Best Street Festival by Boston Magazine.

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Don't miss this vibrant festival featuring massive, colorful dragons and lions dancing down the street, great food, souvenirs and amazing displays of traditional Chinese music, dance and martial arts!

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