Dogs & Donuts, Two Amazing Things Come Together!

Dogs & Donuts, Two Amazing Things Come Together!

The debate is over, the two most important things in the world are Dogs & Donuts.. You could survive for a long time with the companionship of a dog and by eating donuts.  In fact if you just ate donuts and chased after your dog than you may not get diabetes (**insert legal disclaimer)  One time in band camp I actually ate 6 Boston Cream donuts and had to spend a night with nurse Marybeth, a very generous woman. 

After a much heated debate at Chowdaheadz we decided that a Dog/Donut combo t-shirt was missing from our collection and we went to work to rectify what was a serious oversight on our part (Sorry Peta & Dunks) 

We came up with this gem of a tee and it hit the mark perfectly! 



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