Did the Patriots just find themselves a kicker on YouTube?

When there’s a salary cap in your sport, you’ve got to do some funky stuff to ensure you have the best team on budget. Welcome to the NFL scouting department.

Teams got to get a little weird sometimes in order to gain an edge. They’ve got to do those unconventional things like going to Dalai Lama’s homeland of Tibet and find the dude playing catch with a coconut that has a cannon arm and making him your star* long snapper. No, the New England Patriots didn’t really do that, but uh, yeah, they got a little creative to say the least, giving 26-year-old Josh Gable a workout so he could show them what he’s worth (and possibly make em go oh, oh, oh as he shoots across the sky. No time for them Firework games today though).

Instead, just check this dude out:

Did I mention the dude didn’t even play college football? He played college soccer (kicking is also a skill used in soccer) and is on the Nebraska Rampage of the Indoor Football League.

The dude hit that field goal in that video. That should be all the Pats need to know to bring him in for a tryout. Come on, let’s see Stephen whatever-his-name-is do that. Wouldn’t hurt to bring competition into the camp, especially if this guy can hit long field goals in games or use that boot to do some good stuff on kickoffs.

Here’s another cool kick from him.

Let’s be honest, everything about this seems so perfect. We discover so many great people on the internet: Justin Bieber, this guy, and others. It happens.

*There’s no such thing as a star long snapper. I found that out the hard way when i didn’t get picked to the All-League team in high school. But I just watched the notebook and got over it,

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