Dennis Eckersley gets a wonderful ovation at Fenway

Maybe we can all put the Dennis Eckersley feud behind us now since Eck has done the same.

Not only was Tuesday the craziest regular season baseball game I had ever seen (not gonna recap it here, check my Twitter for that commentary), but Eckersley got some positive response in his first trip back to Fenway in a couple of weeks.

You see, Eck didn’t take the west coast trip because of the whole David Price thing. Then he was in Cooperstown this past weekend and on top of that, he was just taking a few days off. So Tuesday he was back at Fenway albeit he wouldn’t be calling another game until Thursday. So why was he there? It was his turn in the legends suite. During the third inning of games, they show the legend up on the big screen at Fenway. Let’s just say Red Sox fans were quite ecstatic to see Eck up there.

And no, this was not on NESN.

It shows that a ton of people are following what’s been going on with the Sox and they have Eck’s side. Why? Because they know he’s a legend. He’s probably way more popular now than when he actually played for the Red Sox. I don’t know that for sure. I was 1 when he was on the team in the late 90s and like negative years old during his first tenure with the Sox. That’s info that’s been relayed to me though…

Eck also told the media that he doesn’t care about talking to Price about the incident. He doesn’t want an apology. Why, you might ask? Because Eck is gonna be Eck. Doubt he cares what some player thinks of him.

There was also some people saying Price was mad because he got some water dumped on him after the game, but that turned out to be #FakeNews because he’s smiling right afterwards.

Price is in the rotation. Eck is calling games. The Red Sox are in first place. It’s been working all year.

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