Deflategate still stupid 500 days later

This issue just has not gone away yet.

On Twitter today, deflategate was trending. OK, not anything out the ordinary. It always makes its way into the news. It is the ultimate non-story with legs. But apparantly, it has been in the news for 500 days now. Happy 500 days deflategate, you’re still terrible.

There has not been any progress either. It is right where it was last year, even though it looked like this whole issue was a non-issue during the NFL season last year. Tom Brady was not going to serve his four game suspension and the Patriots could finally go out and play. But randomly this year, Roger Goodell decided the suspension was back on.

And local eateries keep banning Goodell just to put themselves in the news. But hey, there’s no such thing as bad press, right?

In case anyone forgot, LeGarrette Blount ran for three touchdowns in the Patriots 45-7 AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts. And Andrew Luck went 12-for-33 passing with two interceptions. That’s not a ball making the difference in a game — that’s one team who is clearly better than the other.

Brady also has scientists on his side to help prove that what the NFL is saying does not make any sense.

There seems to be plenty of support for Brady around New England. And notably, on Friday, June 10, the Pawtucket Red Sox are turning their free Fridays promotion into a Free Brady Friday. What’s that mean? Anyone with the name Tom or Brady will receive free admission to the game. And box seats for the game are $12 instead of $13. And they’re donating some money to Best Buddies, a charitable organization Brady supports.

That’s a sweet promotion and all. But not to brag, I already get into the PawSox for free #Media *flexes*.

One last thing. Never forget this:

Balls so fine, make Mark Brunell cry.

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