Dealing with Red Sox Free Agents

Coming up is the time of the year where everyone has their own little ideas about what their favorite MLB club should do.

Sometimes, they are right on. Most of the time, the abstract ideas do not come to reality. But with that in mind, here is a look at how the Red Sox could deal with some guys who were on their roster this past season who are now free agents.

Junichi Tazawa — From 2012 to 2014, he owned a 2.62 ERA in 179 outings. From 2015 onward, he posted a 4.15 ERA in 114 outings. His 5.18 ERA in the second half of 2016 wasn’t encouraging either. The Red Sox overused him and blew out his arm. They broke him and they have a chance to ditch him now. No way he comes back.

Ryan Hanigan — The Red Sox declined his option and instead gave him an $800k buyout. They’re paying him close to a million dollars not to play for them. That right there should tell you what the Red Sox think of him. Not coming back.

Aaron Hill — It’s like he left his bat in Milwaukee or something. He batted .283 with the Brewers and hit just .218 with the Red Sox. Oh, and Pablo Sandoval is coming back. No point in keeping him around anymore.

Brad Ziegler — A 1.52 ERA in 33 outings for the Red Sox. He’d be the perfect setup man if Boston could get him back. Not convinced he could do it again? He’s got a 2.44 ERA in nine big league seasons. He’s legit. Just a matter of dollar bills at this point. Just not sure how likely it is.

Koji Uehara — He’ll be 42 on Opening Day next year. He was lously in the first half but had 14 scoreless outings in the second half. Maybe you give him one last shot — or at least bring him back to camp — and quickly kill it if he’s not sharp. Would be a lot cheaper than Ziegler.

In reality, Boston might have to look for bullpen help elsewhere. But that’s a thought for another day.


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