David Price's dog Astro passes away

David Price's dog Astro passes away

This is some sad news regardless of how one feels about David Price.

The postseason zero turned postseason hero is having a good season, but had a tough break during the All-Star break.

His beloved dog, Astro, passed away, according to Price's Twitter account.

On July 10, he tweeted out, "I knew this day was coming sooner rather than later but it still hurts the same. Astro took his last nap today and we will miss him dearly! Thank you to everyone who always checked in on him and asked me how he was doing!"



According to ESPN, Price had the dog since 2009. He got it back when he was a member of the Tampa Bay Rays, living by himself in a condo as a young man.

Price also noted that Astro comforted him whenever he had a bad day at the ballpark.

"He makes me feel good," Price told them. "Even after bad outings (during) the year, I come home and Astro's pumped, and I'm like, 'Sorry, man, I didn't pitch very well tonight,' but he doesn't care. He's always got that love for me, and he's just my guy."

In 2016, Price's dog Astro was featured on a bobblehead the team gave away of the pitcher.

The two have even appeared on a commercial together for Major League Baseball. Here is a look at that video.

It's definitely sad news. Anyone who has had a dog knows that it's tough when they pass away or have to be put down. There's normally a lot of suffering and their lives are relatively short, so they have to be appreciated as much as possible while they are on this earth.

Hopefully, Price has a good support system around him in this difficult time. That's never an easy thing to deal with...

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