David Price reveals why he changed his number

David Price reveals why he changed his number

David Price switched his number, but let people figure out why instead of outright telling them. They eventually figured it out.

The Boston Red Sox postseason hero (and former postseason zero) decided to shake things up this season by switching his number from 24 to 10. The media was dying to know what it was, as were fans, and eventually it was figured out.

According to the Boston Globe's Peter Abraham, who asked Price about a Twitter user's theory, here is what happened: the roman numeral for 10 is X. Price's son's name is Xavier. Yeah. That's basically it.

Other people had some interesting theories that did not end up coming true. For example, some fans thought the team was retiring No. 24 in honor of Dwight Evans. He was a great player, sure, but if they were going to retire it, they should co-retire it with Manny Ramirez. But nah, the Red Sox will not be retiring his number (yet).

Some also wondered if it was because Price went 0-9 in his playoff starts before picking up the "win". That one was pretty easy to debunk because he had some no decisions mixed in there, plus he probably knows wins and losses are not the best way to indicate a pitcher's success.

But yeah, just imagine a healthy and confident David Price ready to go for this season. Big things could end up happening. Big things I say. After all, he does seem pretty determined to succeed once again.

"The first week or two you feel a little better, but other than that I didn't do anything different," Price told 98.5 The Sports Hub. "I didn't take that big World Series celebration tour like some guys do."

Love it. This man wants another ring and to be dominant once again....

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