David Price coming together nicely for Red Sox

Money well spent is always good. But if I were to spend $217 million, I’d probably buy something big like a private island or something — not give it to David Price to pitch 30-something times in a year — nearly a million dollars per start.

It does seem to be working though. Or, at least, recently, it has been.

On Wednesday, Price looked pretty good — hurling seven innings of two-run ball against the last place San Diego Padres at their pitcher-friendly park. Anything less than that from Price though and there’s going to be some unhappy people. But lately, he’s finally pitching like a No. 1 starter.

Price owns a 3.11 ERA in his last 23 starts dating back to May 12. So yes, he’s been good since May — not just since you realized his ERA was in the low 4’s in August (it’s under 4.00 now). Remember, he started the year with a 6.75 ERA in his first seven starts. That’s why his ERA was so high throughout the year. He had a lousy start to the season. But he’s back on track now.

I guess you could say the Red Sox are back in black on him — since he’s pitching well and they’re making money off him.

Starting pitching used to be a problem for the Red Sox. But right now, the starting rotation is looking strong. Rick Porcello is a Cy Young Award candidate given his consistency throughout the year — and he’s pitching real well lately. Drew Pomeranz has gotten it together in his last seven starts. Eddie Rodriguez has done a nice job since getting called up and hell, even Clay Buchholz has done a nice job filling in for an injured Steven Wright.

The last question remaining: who pitches a one-game elimination playoff game — if necessary? Porcello or Price? Well, that’s an excellent question. Ever hear of lefty-righty splits? Yeah. That should have an impact on how they decide who takes the hill. Boom. It’s almost that simple.

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