David Pastrnak used a great excuse to avoid fighting John Scott

David Pastrnak used a great excuse to avoid fighting John Scott

Have you ever made an excuse to get out of something? Maybe a dentist appointment, an event with the in-laws or something else that is not the most fun in the world?

Well, you are not alone. That is because one of the best players on the Boston Bruins, David Pastrnak, is right there with you.

The Bruins All-Star is a very good hockey player, but he does not like to fight in hockey. That said, he once had to get out of fighting one of the league's larger folks and one who made his NHL career possible by being an enforcer.

That's right, there was a time when former NHLer John Scott wanted to fight Pastrnak. The 6-foot-8er is not really known for his goal scoring ability and once tried to start something with Pastrnak.

So what did Pasta do about it? Well, on NESN's "Budweiser Red Light One Times", here is what he had to say about the whole ordeal.

“John Scott asked me if I want to fight and I totally freaked out,” Pastrnak said. “I looked at him up there and I was like ‘Excuse me? No English.'”

“I was freaking out,” Pastrnak added. “I couldn’t sleep at night.”

Uh yeah, we don't blame him either. Pastrnak should not have to be the one getting into fights on the ice. It's not just that fighting in hockey is kind of stupid because they result in penalties, but it's not his job either. Pastrnak's job is to go out there and score like infinity goals. He's not Shawn Thornton. Nobody is Shawn Thornton except Shawn Thornton.

But yeah, Scott going out of his way to fight people in the NHL was stupid. It's hockey, not MMA, and I can't blame Pastrnak for coming up with a brilliant excuse to avoid the quarrel.

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