Danny Ainge says the C's didn't buy into the concept of team

Danny Ainge says the C's didn't buy into the concept of team


Danny Ainge confirmed the suspicions of a lot of human beings who happen to watch the Boston Celtics.

It turns out, he was not only unhappy with the way the team performed this season, but also with the way they went about performing it.

Normally, the front office will not be this candid, but Ainge, for some reason, decided to come out and say it.

Here's what we mean by "it".

"There's a lot of guys that didn't handle things the right way and didn't make the sacrifices that needed to be done for the benefit of the team," Ainge told reporters earlier this week. "We didn't have 100% buy-in from 100% of the team. I did not anticipate that."

Ah, OK. So he was surprised Kyrie Irving, a dude who got traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers because he had beef with LeBron James, wasn't exactly the best team player on the face of the planet? Is there a sarcastic shocked face emoticon? That would fit well right here.

Seriously though, it's good Ainge is giving the public a little inside baseball. Maybe he's trying to protect himself by saying he put a good team out there and they just didn't deliver. That's a good way to make it seem like none of this is his fault.

But perhaps Ainge should've looked a little more into the character of the guys he was going out and getting for his team because, you know, that kind of stuff IS important.

Regardless, the Celtics had a decent season and should be in a decent spot yet again next season. It should be interesting to see what Ainge does with the team in the offseason now that he admits it could use some work.

At least he admits there's a problem. Now, it's time to address it.

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