Curt Schilling talking about running for Congress

Curt Schilling talking about running for Congress

Picture this: Curt Schilling in Washington, D.C.

Curt Schilling is talking about running for political office once again. This time, he is eyeing up a House of Representatives seat in the state of Arizona, according to multiple reports.

The staunch conservative and Massachusetts resident didn't say what district he's going for, but that he wants to flip a blue seat red--which would give him a few different options of districts to target.

Let's not get into the real thick of it though. People can make up their own minds about it.

However, it is interesting to see ex athletes run for office as they have over the years. Bill Bradley, a former NBA player, was a three term Senator for New Jersey and baseball great Jim Bunning served as the Senator of Kentucky for two terms, plus six in the House. Not to mention, Patriots great Anthony Gonzalez is currently a U.S. Rep. serving an Ohio district.

Obviously, Schilling has had his share of controversies over the years, but it does beg the question: who do you think would be a past Red Sox legend who could hold elected office.

That's not to say who one necessarily agrees with most but rather, who has the demeanor to do it.

Personally, I think Craig Breslow, once dubbed "the smartest man in baseball", or Theo Epstein, another bright individual, could probably do it in their hometown New England districts.

Outside of them, JD Martinez looked good on the podium at the White House earlier this year. And Ryan Brasier seems like he could be really into that kind of stuff because we know so little about him and he's from north Texas. Plus he played in Japan, so he knows a thing or two about how the world works.

But yeah, this could get pretty interesting.

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