Could the Patriots have a perfect season?

Could the Patriots have a perfect season?

Alright, it's early in the season and it is probably not the time to make this kind of crazy prediction, but here goes nothing: could the New England Patriots do it this year?

You might pretend to not know what I'm referring to here but come on, you know exactly what I'm referring to: a perfect season. Yeah. Just went there.

The team wins Super Bowl after Super Bowl, but they don't have a 19-0 season to their name yet, so it has to happen at some point, right? That's the way life works, according to the rule book, as far as I know.

Think about it: the Patriots are loaded this season. They blew out the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first week of the season and then they shutout the Miami Dolphins. It's going pretty well for them early in the year and by pretty good, I mean they've been flat out dominant.

The Patriots make it to at least the AFC Championship every year now, it seems, so expectations for them are bound to be high. And when they beat the New York Jets this Sunday, they will be 3-0 on the season -- putting them 16 more wins away from a perfect season, as long as they don't lose any of the games.

Surely, they could have a down week at some point, but hopefully if it does happen it comes in the regular season. But hopefully, it would not happen at any point.

The Patriots have the pieces to do what they need to do to get the job done this season: Tom Brady and then a bunch of other guys. Frankly, the other guys don't matter so much since they have Brady out there doing what Brady does best. But yeah, pretty good start to the season so far.