Connecticut Skiing

Winters are filled with indulgences: hot chocolate, lazy Sundays and now, Connecticut skiing!! Skiing is an activity appropriate for all ages and is a lot of fun.


Because it’s super fun! Don’t waste your holidays lazing around. Spend it skiing and frolicking in the wintry slopes of Connecticut. The state’s location in the Snow Belt of the USA makes sure there’s constant snow- both man-made and real- to satisfy your winter wonderland fantasies. Enjoy the great outdoors and learn how to ski at Connecticut. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, it is always fun. Take a little break and ski down the beautiful slopes of Connecticut and you won’t be disappointed.

Connecticut skiing


There are bunch of places in Connecticut that will cater to your needs with breathtaking slopes and the perfect winter climate for skiing. Your choices include Mohawk Mountain, Woodbury Ski Area, Mount Southington, Ski Sundown or Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort to name a few. Each has its own specialties so be prepared for some world-class service and beautiful experiences while enjoying winter at its best.


Right now would be perfect, or any time during winter works. The skiing slopes open every winter for all, so join the fun. The time between November to early February is always a good time to head over to Connecticut for skiing.

A great activity for friends, family and all, visit Connecticut for the thrill of a lifetime. Whether you share this experience with loved ones or whether you come here alone, be prepared for a fun-filled winter expedition that will leave you wanting to come back again!


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