Coming Soon To Boston: Chowdaheadz, A New England Themed Restaurant

Coming Soon To Boston: Chowdaheadz, A New England Themed Restaurant

This weekend Ryan Gormady, founder, and CEO of Chowdaheadz announced the expansion of New England apparel company, into the restaurant business. 

Gormady says, "For over 14 years, Chowdaheadz has wicked fun part of New England culture and the top source for lifestyle products in the region with products ranging from candles that smell like “Fenway Grass” to “Billy Billy” t-shirts - why not take it somewhere make this a place where people can go and hang out?" 

The Chowdaheadz restaurant will offer the signature “Fluffah Nuttah” a staple in almost every New Englander’s diet, “Lobstah with Buttah” as a dinner option,  and last, but certainly not least, offering complimentary “Dirty Water” or if you prefer caffeine, a “Cuppah Regulah.”

Some of the menu items include: 

Fluffah Nuttah $5.00
Cuppah Regular $4.00 
Best Chowda Evah $5.00
Sausage Heah $10.00 
Cuppah Regular $4.00 
Fenway Frank $8.00
Lobstah wit Buttah $40.00
Dunking Doughnut $2.00 
Complimentary Dirty Water


Opening Information:

The New England restaurant is expected to open well, never because this is an April Fools Joke. Silly, Chowdahead, we sell t-shirts, not chowda. However, this would be a great restaurant idea for the right restaurateur. Gormady says, “We're open to licensing this concept to the right restaurateur, and bonus points if they have a Boston accent.” 

You can, however, check out their Boston Foodies collection, including the release of their newest "New England Clam Chowdah" t-shirt here

To learn more about the Chowdaheadz New England lifestyle brand, visit
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