Ever wondered what it would feel like to ride a monster off a Godzilla movie? Well, Boston Harbor Cruises provides you with the opportunity to experience that feeling for less than $30. The Codzilla experience is basically like riding a roller coaster off the rails and into the ocean, however, the excitement surrounding this boat doesn’t just end with it being one of the coolest looking, and feeling rides around. Check it out here:

If you’re considering taking a ride on the Codzilla, you’ve been advised that this ride isn’t for the faint-hearted. Comparing this boat to a roller coaster would actually be an insult to this great beast as it’s capable of doing more than just throwing you back on your seats – it’ll whirl you around and make your guts feel like they’re going to pop out with its quick 360 degree turns and the unpredictability of its drivers. Codzilla is more than a cruise boat painted like a codfish that skips through rough waters at 40 miles-per-hour, it’s a 40 minute period of your life spent on an exhilarating trip through the Boston waters that you’ll never look back at with regret – unless you wet your pants, which you most probably will.

In short, the Codzilla is one of the loudest and roughest cruise rides you’ll find on show at the Boston Harbor Cruises’ menu. This sea-monster (s)eats 135 people but it’s best to go following a reservation or you might end up having to just wait out and watch other people scream at the top of their longs and not be heard over the roaring noise of this 2,800 horsepower beast of a boat. Blood-curling screams that no one else can hear, a salty shower, and a different hairdo at the end of the ride, these are the things you’d be signing up for if you decide to take on the Codzilla experience. But it’ll be worth it.

Here’s a video of the experience:

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