Charles Barkley thinks the Celtics are too good

Charles Barkley thinks the Celtics are too good

The good news is the Boston Celtics won their opener by 18 points over a team that clearly wasn't as good as them. It gave fans a taste of the level of success they can expect to see this season.

Celtics fans may be pumped up about it--but not everyone is so enthused. This even includes one NBA legend: Charles Barkley.

Here's the genius take he had when it comes to the Celtics:

“They got to play Aron Baynes more. That was my takeaway. There’s not enough balls to go around when they put that offense out there,” Barkley said. “Boston has a lot of talent, but Kyrie and Gordon (Hayward) didn’t play well tonight. I think it was 7-for-27. … I like the Celtics, but sometimes you can have too much talent. You can have a great player coming off the bench.”

“I think they’re going to have some issues,” he added. “You can have too much talent.”

Yes. He actually said that. He said the team has too much talent. They're too good to the point where they're bad, apparently. Never knew such a thing was possible.

You know what though: he's right. It is a problem. They're too good to the point where the NBA's Eastern Conference isn't going to be very competitive this season. They're too good to the point where you can say with some confidence that so long as they stay healthy, they will most likely be playing in the NBA finals.

That's very problematic. They should try to get some worse players to try to make the regular season games against dud opponents more entertaining for Charles Barkley--because he apparently only thinks it's OK for the Golden State Warriors to have a ridiculous amount of talent.

So yeah, in short, don't listen to Barkley despite his credentials.

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