Celtics used six of their picks — and shock America

Let’s get a superstar with the third pick in the draft!

If the Boston Celtics did in this week’s NBA draft, it’s not proven yet. And it would be Jaylen Brown, their first pick — picked using the third overall pick via Brooklyn. OK, so what about their other picks? No. The Celtics weren’t able to make any major trades. They used six of their eight picks.

It may sound puzzling — and that’s because it is. The Celtics don’t need six new players. They probably won’t use all of them either for a few reasons. First, there’s just not room. Second, a lot of later picks never really amount to anything in the league. And there’s even busts in the first round. Also, the Celtics already have a quality team in place; they just need a little more to win a championship.

Here’s a look at their complete draft log:

First Round:

Jaylen Brown, SF, California (3)
Guerschon Yabusele, PF, France (16)
Ante Zizic, C, Croatia (23)

Second Round:

Demetrius Jackson, PG, Notre Dame (45)
Ben Bentil, PF, Providence (51)
Abdel Nader, PF, Iowa State (58)

So what about those other two picks? 31 and 35. Those were practically late first rounders after all. Early second round picks are usually not bad. Yeah, the C’s traded those to Memphis in exchange for, you guessed it, another draft pick. It’s the Los Angeles Clippers 2019 protected first round draft pick, thus adding to their stockpile of future draft picks.

A little confusing why they’d do that though.

Among the draft picks, Brown looks to be the one guy who will be a major contributor next season. They could still trade some of the guys they picked — or they could stash them away and wait for them to develop.

CBS didn’t like the Celtics actions in the draft. They were probably just as confused as everyone else.

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